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Friendship and Acceptance

Due to the rise in bullying and prejudice, it is extremely important to teach young children that both are wrong and unacceptable behavior. "The Tale of Five Tails" may just help instill this in them, especially those who are more prone to develop this kind of conduct. Princess, the prize-winning poodle, thinks she's better than other dogs. When she meets two mutts at a park, she is quick to snub them.

Princess is sure to let them know that she is a purebred dog and therefore, above them. She leaves the park and heads home. Little does Princess know that she will soon encounter a rat and a cat, the neighborhood bullies. Will Princess be able to get away? This story may help children learn to accept others for who they are and not what they look like, as well as thinking twice before engaging in negative behavior towards them.

#bullying #prejudice #acceptance #friendship

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