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Anita Sax was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Mexico City, Mexico. Her passion for writing began at a young age after a school project led her to write her first short story.

And since then he has been writing.


Anita loves teaching children through reading, not only is it fun, but she also believes it is an essential tool. Each of his books is educational in one way or another, teaching everything from colors, animals and even health.

In his books there is something for everyone.


Anita also co-wrote, "Oh Can't You See?" a Christmas song he performs on YouTube.


During the 1990s, Anita appeared in telenovelas and did dubbing work for Televisa, the largest multimedia mass media company in Latin America.

She is an avid animal lover and has rescued many dogs from the streets of Mexico.


Personal quote: "I'm a writer, period."

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